Welcome To Immersive Roulette (Review)

Immersive Roulette has been developed by Evolution Gaming and offers a playing experience unlike any other live Roulette game.

Featuring multiple camera angles and a high definition video stream which captures all of the action up to 200 frames per second, this new and advanced form of live roulette is sure to attract both new and old players seeking the thrill and suspense that roulette offers as you watch your ball land in the winning pockets.

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Shown below is a video preview and review of Evolution Gaming's Live Immersive Roulette capturing the superb camera angles and the slow motion ball drop confirmation after each spin of the wheel.

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Key Benefits When Playing Immersive Roulette:

• A unique and different live gaming experience compared to other live roulette games.

• Live multiple camera shots and close ups of the dealer like you have never seen before.

• Watch every bounce and movement of the ball which is beautifully presented in stunning high definition.

• Slow motion replay of the ball landing after each spin to further add to the experience and confirmation of the winning number.

• Enhanced statistical graphics showing the last 500 games with hot and cold numbers to assist your betting decisions.

• Easy to use interface for both old and new players to live roulette along with betting limits to cater for all bankrolls.

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Here are some screenshots showing the various camera angles and what to expect when playing Immersive Roulette.

Immersive Roulette 1

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Immersive Roulette 2

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Immersive Roulette 3

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